There is no cookie cutter approach to raising children and every family and child has unique needs.

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Let’s tackle your challenges with tools and strategies that will support raising kind, confident and resilient children.

The digital age of parenting is overwhelming and makes you second guess a lot of things.

I will help you take the guesswork out of everyday challenges and address the questions keeping you awake at night. I can help you understand "is this normal?" or "is there something wrong with me or my child?" so you can parent with confidence and connection.

Parenting is full of layers and having an experienced perspective to support you makes it easier. Whether you are looking for 1:1 support, want to invite me as a guest speaker at your parent council or need a space where you can ask questions without the shame and blame, I've got you covered.

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Parent Testimonials

She has helped us understand why our kids feel and act the ways they do, problem solve difficulties or challenges and establish boundaries. She’s saved me from so many “Google rabbit holes” listening to what we’re going through or preparing for and helping us understand where the behaviour may have come from and to set up next steps to work together as a family.

She’s honest and realistic, she recognizes life doesn’t necessarily allow for rigid observation of “one (parenting or teaching) method” but stays on top of research and braids it together in suggestions or advice that is approachable."

Parent of infant, 3 & 5 year old

"Tara knows how kids think and how their brains work. She has served as an invaluable translator for me, helping me truly and deeply understand what is developmentally appropriate for my kids, what is motivating their behaviours, and what is the best way to help them be their best selves." 

Parent of 2 under 6

A podcast with a realistic and fresh take on parenting, education and life with kids…

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