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My signature framework, the Language of Kindness and Parent Clues for Problem Solving makes parenting easier while fostering connection and building essential life skills for resiliency.

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The Language of Kindness, my signature framework, is an approach to speaking, acting and thinking in a way that is accessible and understandable for parents, educators, caregivers and children.  It provides you with a framework that is easily understood, helps children and adults with problem solving their challenges while fostering connection and building essential skills for long-term success.  

A little about my signature framework

I'm Tara, the Founder of Raising Resilient Children. A long time educator, former preschool owner and parent, I know that social emotional well-being and empathy are core components of developing resiliency for  long-term success with children.

The Language of Kindness is the system I created for fostering kindness, developing problem solving skills and navigating challenges with clear concise language. It is an approach for Raising Resilient Children that focusses on developing three important areas: kindness to self, kindness to others & kindness to the planet.

Parent Clues for Problem Solving will give you the tools you need to understand your child's behaviour and build skills.

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Building Resilience Through Kindness

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Building Resilience
Through Kindness

A supportive and successful group program that will help you develop practical skills for everyday parenting while building tools for kindness, feelings and mental well-being. 



Exclusive Support 

Looking for a 1:1 approach. In 8 weeks I can help you transform your parenting. Face challenges with confidence and develop essential life skills for resiliency with your child.  





If your family has the opportunity to work with Tara, please take it!! Tara’s experience and approach, her kindness philosophies and her openness have been truly life-changing for us as we raise a toddler and a preschooler.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Tara. Her genuinely caring nature and ability to assess the needs of a child as an individual is remarkable and I’m forever grateful for the impact she has had on our family.

Tara's gentle, systematic and non-judgmental approach to answering my many questions provided much needed support, especially as we welcomed our second child and helped our son transition to school age.



Let's dig into all things children and the importance of raising children with skills for feelings, kindness and everyday mental well-being.

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