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Tara Gratto M.S. Ed., MA, OCT

Parenting Educator & Founder of Raising Resilient Children

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If you feel like parenting is much harder than you ever imagined and that somehow you are just suppose to 'know things' you never learned, you are not alone. This digital age of parenting is overwhelming and makes you second guess a lot of things.

Relying on my background and experience working in education, expertise in social emotional well-being, and as the parent of two VERY different and unique children, I created the Building Resilience Through Kindness Bundle. This support package will to provide you with all the tools and skills you need to navigate everyday parenting.

"Tara knows how kids think and how their brains work. She has served as an invaluable translator for me, helping me truly and deeply understand what is developmentally appropriate for my kids, what is motivating their behaviours, and what is the best way to help them be their best selves." - Parent of 2 under 6

Parenting is hard and you aren't meant to do it alone. Through the exclusive community included in this bundle, you will have direct access to asking me questions for support and the ability to connect with others on this journey.

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A few thoughts from busy parents

When I started the BRTK course I was hoping to gain insight into my preschoolers big emotions - I gained that and much more! Tara’s calm approach, insight, values, experience and lessons brought everything together in a nice little package that was easy to understand and realistic. She really understands kids and parenting and offers solutions that can work for the ‘real world’.

The Q&A was very helpful, and having her perspective has taught me to look at things in a different light. Anyone who has a toddler/preschooler should sign up for her lessons - it’s amazing how incorporating kindness into our routine has changed things for the better and so quickly.

Not only has this course allowed my husband and I to have better insight on why our daughter is acting a certain way, it’s allowed us to support her better and recognize when we as parents need to support ourselves more. Tara is very supportive and although there is lots of info to take in, the course has the potential to change the way we parent our kids for the better, to actually enjoy parenting through the harder times. It’s given us the tools to help our kids handle their emotions, tools that we weren’t given growing up. It’s definitely work but hugely worth it.

The course being accessible to me and my partner was key! We both learned so much. It resonated differently and gave us each tools that worked for us as individuals. The best part was that it took away a lot of our conflict over how to parent or navigate certain situations because we both had clarity in our own way.

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I Wrote a Picture Book to Make Learning About Emotional Regulation FUN! 

In 2022 I co-created a picture book to support children with understanding Brain Science and Emotional Regulation. This books shows them how to become the super hero in their own emotional regulation story!

Build Tools and Skills for Big Feelings in Fun & Effective Ways

Emotional regulation is one of those things that may not feel super fun, but is essential. My goal in writing this book was to show children why learning tools is important BUT also how it can be super fun!!

Relying on my background in social emotional intelligence, experience as an educator/former preschool owner, and insights I gained as a parent I wanted to create something that made building skills easy, effective and fun.

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II read it to one of my students who is 3 and he was able to recognize some his "Dino Brain" reactions. We looked at the superhero's in the book and they him what to do instead, and he came up with hand signals which helped connect the message.

I have a 3.5 year old and I can already see that this books relatable content is going to cover LOTS over the next couple of years.

Right now he loves the colourful illustrations and Dino's who look funny with a 'brain' but I know he is gaining some really great foundations through this books content.

The Adventures of Team Brain is an engaging and visually beautiful way to talk about how our brains work. It provides concrete tools for everyone in a fun format. Keep that Dino brain at bay.

Raising Resilient Children Podcast

with Tara Gratto M.S.Ed., MA, OCT 


Catch the latest episodes of my podcast where I talk about how parenting is full of nuance and it feels like you are always trying to strike impossible balances. I also tackle why so many of the expectations for parenting are things most people didn't learn growing up.

Join me as I have some important conversations and discuss ways of supporting you and your children with skills for resiliency and kindness.

What Parent's Are Saying About Working with Me

If your family has the opportunity to work with Tara, please take it!! Tara’s experience and approach, her kindness philosophies and her openness have been truly life-changing for us as we raise a toddler and a preschooler.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Tara. Her genuinely caring nature and ability to assess the needs of a child as an individual is remarkable and I’m forever grateful for the impact she has had on our family.

Tara's gentle, systematic and non-judgmental approach to answering my many questions provided much needed support, especially as we welcomed our second child and helped our son transition to school age.

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I will teach you the skills you need to support you and your child through your challenges and customize implementation of the strategies for your family's specific needs.

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