Tricky Transitions


  • Find getting out the door difficult?
  • Does your child struggle to shift gears between activities?
  • Feel like you are being ignored or every transition has turned into an argument?

Check out the replay of my popular Tricky Transitions Workshop to learn more about transitions and what steps you can take to make them smoother!


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FREE Trial of Building Resilience Through Kindness Parenting Program

Module Two - Part One:  The Stress Cycle and Parenting 🦖🧠

Let's take some of the guesswork out. In this FREE Trial of a lesson from Building Resilience Through Kindness you'll get to to check out one of the most popular skills I teach inside the program.

In this lesson you'll learn about the 3 F's and DINO Brain so you can respond more effectively in tricky moments.



Books for Big Topics

Resource for Death, Loss & Grief

In this resource I share some tools and strategies that I used when supporting families in my role as a preschool owner and elementary school guidance counsellor.

I outline how to use social emotional skills to support hard conversations. I dig into grief/loss by age and stage of development to help you better understand your child's reactions and address the fact that this conversation will exist on a continuum.


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 On-Demand Resources

The Art of Saying Goodbye at Drop-Off


Drop your child off with confidence, connection and still get to work on time!

  •  Tackle the one mores (one more hug, one more kiss, one more minute)
  • Know what to do when everything’s going well, until it doesn’t.

As a former preschool owner and long time educator I created this mini-course to support parents who want to walk away from drop off feeling less conflicted, knowing their child’s bucket is full and that they are ready for the day. 


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