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Why I wrote this book

As we shift from suppressing our feelings and move to a space where we want to validate feelings and start to use tools for emotional regulation, it can be hard to get children engaged in the learning process. Emotional regulation is one of those things that may not feel super fun, but is essential. My goal in writing this book was to show children why learning tools is important BUT also how it can be super fun!!

Relying on my background social emotional intelligence, experience as an educator/former preschool owner, and insights I gained as a parent I wanted to create something that made building skills practical and fun.

The Adventures of Team Brain is a playful take on brain science and how emotional regulation works. It encourages children to become super heroes in their own emotional regulation story!

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Tara Gratto M.S.Ed., MA, OCT

The founder of Raising Resilient Children. A social emotional expert, experienced educator/former preschool owner and parent. She supports parents with tools and frameworks that develop life skills for resiliency while fostering kindness.


Jerome Cabanatan

A former National TaeKwonDo Team Coach/Athlete, a freelance cartoonist and happy father of two. You can find him promoting and practicing martial arts and sequential arts anywhere his wandering feet take him.


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I just received your book - and LOVE IT! It's simply amazing and oh so helpful and targets a big topic, with a fun angle!
Jen Z