About Tara (TAR-uh) - she/her

For over twenty years I have been working with children and families in a variety of different roles, capacities and countries.  I am a deeply caring person and passionate educator. 

A snapshot of my experience:

  • Owned EducatorMama for 7.5 years: Hybrid Outdoor and Play Based Preschool
  • Classroom (K-12), Guidance & Administration
  • Extensive knowledge of the Ontario school system
  • Experience supporting families and children with IEP's
  • Manager Toronto Island Challenge Course & Director of Leadership
  • Residential Supervisor at Private Boarding school
  • Adapted Physical Education Instructor at Variety Village

My Masters in Education Capstone project looked at using children's books to build empathy and social emotional skills.* At the time I was seeking to find ways to address bullying. Over the years I have adapted this concept to incorporate a wide range of skills and topics.

Some fun facts about me:

  • Parent of two unique and amazing children now into their middle school years
  • Partner who is generational cycle breaker and Professional Chef 
  • Senior Black Belt Instructor & Competitor
  • Spent my elementary years in Saudi Arabia, later returning as an educator
  • My favourite things to do: walk with the family dog, read, have random dance parties, drive while listening to music far too loud, go out for Thai food

*Those are the tools and skills we need to identify our feelings, know what to do when we have feelings and also understand that others have feelings too. This is something I have carried throughout my career and plays a key role in how I help parents and educators  build tools for everyday mental well-being with their children.

Why I Started Raising Resilient Children

Raising Resilient Children was born out of the encouragement of my preschool clients who told me I needed to take my unique approach to fostering kindness and social emotional well-being with children and families to the world.

The Language of Kindness and Parent Clues for Problem Solving is the framework I developed over the course of owning a preschool, raising my own children and guiding parents with understanding why their children do the things they do. It is a way of speaking, thinking and acting that is accessible and understandable for parents, caregivers and children. 

I know parents and caring adults are super busy! That's why I created the Building Resilience Through Kindness Bundle to support you with

  • understanding your child’s needs & behaviour
  • tools & skills to help your child communicate their needs
  • developing self-regulation strategies
  • fostering a relationship built on kindness and connection

I will teach you how to build the  Language of Kindness in a way that will assist you in setting clear and appropriate boundaries, encourage essential connection and relationship building and help you to navigate the daily challenges of modern parenting.