Why Do I Lose My Cool, Even When I Try My Hardest Not To!?!

In this FREE On-Demand Workshop you will learn:

  • What social emotional-skills are and how learning about them can make parenting easier.
  • See how the stress cycle is connected to tricky moments and what you can do about it.
  • Create an action plan for Losing Your Cool LESS.
  • Identify skills you need AND skills your child needs to navigate difficult moments more effectively.

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What Parents Are Saying About The Workshop

"I always learn so much from you. You have this way of tackling really hard topics without judgement or shame."

"I love that you show me there's nothing wrong with me or my intuition. I'm not a failure as a mother. I just never learned this stuff and it's not as simple as just knowing it."

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Tara Gratto M.S.Ed, MA, OCT created this course based on her extensive experience:

  • Working in classrooms, guidance, administration, and for 7.5 years as a hybrid outdoor and play based preschool owner
  • Engaging directly with hundreds of children and their families to support unique learning and emotional needs
  • As a parent who understands how overwhelming the information available can be and how much parent guilt affects our decisions

My goal is to support you with practical strategies and frameworks that will manage the overwhelm while fostering essential life skills with your children. 

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