Why Do I Lose My Cool? Workshop

Keep Your Cool Longer & Yell Less!

Tired of losing your cool and wondering why it keeps happening?

Feeling guilty about apologizing to your children all the time?

In this workshop you will learn what social emotional-skills are and how they can make parenting easier.

In the workshop you will create an Action Plan for Losing Your Cool LESS so you can get started right away!!


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The Art of Saying Goodbye at Drop-Off

Want to start the school year with confidence, connection and still get to work on time? 

Learn how to say goodbye with confidence, tackle the one mores (one more hug, one more kiss, one more minute) and know what to do when everything’s going well, until it doesn’t.

As a former preschool owner and long time educator I created this mini-course to support parents who want to walk away from drop off feeling less conflicted, knowing their child’s bucket is full and that they are ready for the day. 

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Courses for parents and caring adults who: