Building Resilience Through Kindness

Exclusive Support Program


This exclusive support program provides you with the framework and learning from the Building Resilience Through Kindness Digital Course and the added benefit of customized support through weekly 1:1 sessions.

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As the world shifts and we look to support our children with new tools and skills for navigating their feelings, it can feel like an impossible task for parents.

Building emotional resilience is layered and my exclusive support option provides you with an opportunity to fine tune the program to fit your specific needs.


If your family has the opportunity to work with Tara, please take it!! Tara’s experience and approach, her kindness philosophies and her openness have been truly life-changing for us as we raise a toddler and a preschooler.” 

Building Resilience Through Kindness is designed and facilitated by Tara Gratto M.S.Ed, MA, OCT, an experienced educator, former preschool owner and parent who understands the challenges and demands of Modern Parenting.

This is for a parent or caring adult who

  • is tired of: whining, not listening, defiance and constant battles
  • wonders 'is this normal'?
  • wants to make space for feelings and still get out the door on time
  • is overwhelmed by second-guessing & parent guilt
  • has tried all the things and nothing seems to work!
  • knows they are talking too much in tricky moments, but doesn't know what else to do
  • has a big feelings child and they need tools and skills for supporting them

Wants a customized approach to their family's needs

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What Parents Are Saying About Their Experience

"I’ve taken other parenting courses, and this is completely different and so much better! You really get parents, you have practical tips and you are such an effective teacher."

"Thank you for an awesome course and for setting up such a safe and supportive group!"

Exclusive Support Program includes:

  • Ten 45 min Coaching Calls with Tara to answer questions and tailor the program for your child & family
  • Building Resilience Through Kindness Digital/Audio Learning Modules that can viewed on your schedule (yours for life)
  • Book recommendations based on your needs
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Digital Course Overview


I created this course to be accessible for busy parents with different learning styles. 

You can listen and/or watch the digital modules on your own time, as many times as you like.

Building the Baseline: Learning the Language of Kindness (TM pending) – my signature framework  that supports building a connected relationship that will foster important skills for mental well-being, kindness & resiliency.

Module One: Using the Language of Kindness for navigating the daily challenges and tricky behaviour with clear concise language and tools for problem solving effectively.

Module Two: Big Feelings and Unwanted Behaviour: Tantrums, Meltdowns and other tricky behaviour… like Whining.

BONUSBuilding Intentional Connection – Setting You Up for Success Workbook


Module Three: Building a Feelings Toolbox – how to start building tools for Big Feelings and activate your Parent Clues.

Module Four: Connection and Big Feelings Toolbox Part 2 – how to build a toolbox for your family’s individual needs.

Module Five: Talking So Children Understand

Module Six: The Language of Kindness Recap & Navigating Parenting Guilt

Mini-Lesson: Give Versus Take an approach to sharing that validates feelings and teaches children accountability.

Bonus: 4 Buckets  for Bedtime - Making sure you don't get caught in the 'one more' cycle

Let's Dig Into The Language of Kindness

The framework I created to support busy parents like you with:

  • Clear language for navigating tricky situations
  • Building self-esteem and confidence while also laying an important baseline for boundaries and limits
  • Creating a personalized toolbox for Big Feelings that helps you connect with your child in a new way
  • Feeling less stressed because Parent Clues help you understand behaviour and challenges better
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Language of Kindness = Kindness to self + Kindness to Others + Kindness to the Planet


"You built my awareness and understanding in such a clear way. I loved how you shared practical tips, clear strategies and the understanding behind it."

"I listened to your course before going to bed and the next day I was faced with an epic showdown trying to get out the door to school. In the moment I heard your voice telling me not to argue, that logic and reasoning wasn’t going to help in the moment. We were able to calm down and get to school on time!"

"You taught me how to be calmer,
not just told me I need to be calm!"

Building Resilience Through Kindness
Exclusive Support Program

$ 1597

10 weeks of support
(payment plans available)

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Tara Gratto M.S.Ed, MA, OCT created this course based on her extensive experience:

  • Working in classrooms, guidance, administration, and for 7.5 years as a hybrid outdoor and play based preschool owner
  • Engaging directly with hundreds of children and their families to support unique learning and emotional needs
  • As a parent who understands how overwhelming the information available can be and how much parent guilt affects our decisions

My goal is to support you with practical strategies and frameworks that will manage the overwhelm while fostering essential life skills with your children. 

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 As a consultant and parent educator you can expect me to:

      • Encourage you to reflect on your role as a parent/caregiver
      • Develop meaningful and attainable goals
      • Provide you with lessons, frameworks and extensions to support your goals
      • Provide you with workshops and/or 1:1 coaching sessions
      • Provide a space for listening, sharing and problem solving
      • Uphold a high ethical standard as mandated by my teaching certifications
      • Respect all confidentiality and intellectual property agreements


Importance of maintaining a collaborative and professional relationship:

The coaching and consulting relationship is a professional relationship.  A successful consultant/client relationship relies on a collaborative relationship. It is the responsibility of the consultant to facilitate and help clients develop their skills and abilities by providing feedback and offering educational opportunities for learning and growing.  


Role of consultant and educator versus medical or mental health professional:

In my role as consultant and educator, my advice and recommendations encourage behavioural change through lifestyle changes, problem solving skill development, education, and reflective practices.  The programs and advice I offer are not intended to replace the advice or guidance of medical or mental health experts and should not be considered therapy.  Medical and mental health experts are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of emotional and psychological problems and have therapeutic designations.  As a parent consultant and coach I am not a mediator, therapist or crisis intervention responder.

As a client you are expected to:

    • Be honest with yourself and with me.
    • Commit to reflecting on your mindset and setting goals.
    • Take ownership and responsibility for your progress and accomplishments.


Role and responsibility of the client in the learning process:

It is the responsibility of the client to determine how much change they are willing and able to make.  All plans, lessons, extensions and frameworks provided are the responsibility of the client to implement.  If the client has concerns about the consultant relationship, it is their responsibility to discuss these with the consultant.  Consulting does not offer any guarantees of success or definitive behaviour changes of your child or family.