$40.00 CAD

Cancellation Policy

Due to the nature of the services provided, workshops are non-refundable.

Nature of Advice & FAQ

Programs, workshops and lessons are created for educational purposes only. Any references links, resources or content are not intended as a substitute for medical or professional mental health advice. 

As a consultant and parent educator you can expect me to:

  •  Encourage you to reflect on your role as a parent/caregiver
  •  Develop meaningful and attainable goals
  •  Provide you with lessons, frameworks and extensions to support your goals
  •  Provide a space for listening, sharing and problem solving
  •  Uphold a high ethical standard as mandated by my teaching certifications
  •  Respect all confidentiality and intellectual property agreements 

Importance of maintaining a collaborative and professional relationship:

The coaching and consulting relationship is a professional relationship.  A successful consultant/client relationship relies on a collaborative relationship. It is the responsibility of the consultant to facilitate and help clients develop their skills and abilities by providing feedback and offering educational opportunities for learning and growing. 

Role of consultant and educator versus medical or mental health professional:

In my role as consultant and educator, my advice and recommendations encourage behavioural change through lifestyle changes, problem solving skill development, education, and reflective practices.  The programs and advice I offer are not intended to replace the advice or guidance of medical or mental health experts and should not be considered therapy.  Medical and mental health experts are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of emotional and psychological problems and have therapeutic designations.  As a parent consultant and coach I am not a mediator, therapist or crisis intervention responder.

As a client you are expected to:

  •  Be honest with yourself and with me.
  •  Commit to reflecting on your mindset and setting goals.
  •  Take ownership and responsibility for your progress and accomplishments.

Role and responsibility of the client in the learning process:

It is the responsibility of the client to determine how much change they are willing and able to make.  All plans, lessons, extensions and frameworks provided are the responsibility of the client to implement.  If the client has concerns about the consultant relationship, it is their responsibility to discuss these with the consultant.  Consulting does not offer any guarantees of success or definitive behaviour changes of your child or family.

Intellectual Property:

I understand I will not copy, share or distribute material provided through any service/material offered.


Understanding Friendship: Navigating Bullying, Mean and Unkind Situations

A workshop to support you with navigating both the positive and not so positive aspects of peer relationships and friendships in elementary school.

We will explore how conflict can come out as mean, unkind or ultimately bullying behaviours and how to to teach children to self-advocate and when to seek adult interventions.

This is for parents & caring adults who are:

  •  Struggling with how to react and support conflict
  •  Wonder: Is this normal? Are kids meaner? 
  •  Worried about 'mean girls'
  •  Wanting to know when a situation requires adult involvement and when it does not
  • Would like to create friendships built on connection, boundaries and mutual respect

Supporting strong friendships relies on building social emotional skills to effectively navigate conflict without compromising self-worth.