One-on-One Parent Support 

Relying on my experience and expertise in child development, education and social emotional well-being I work with a select number of families to provide a more personalized approach to support you with your unique family needs.

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Some Things Tara Supports Parents With

  • Navigating: tantrums, defiance, talking back, hitting/biting, ignoring, yelling, power struggles...
  • Understanding child development & what's age appropriate (is this normal?)
  • Children and parent mental-well being
  • Daycare/school challenges & School readiness 
  • Neurodiverse questions and skill building
  • Big Feelers, Introverts & social/separation anxiety
  • Body space awareness & consent
  • Fear of risk/perfectionism
  • Bedtime time challenges and transitions
  • Healthy tech/screen limits and boundaries
  • Sibling dynamics & Peer relationships 
  • Using Kindness for Discipline
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What Parents Are Saying About Their Experience

Tara knows how kids think and how their brains work. She has served as an invaluable translator for me, helping me truly and deeply understand what is developmentally appropriate for my kids, what is motivating their behaviours, and what is the best way to help them be their best selves.

Parent of two under 6

She has helped us understand why our kids feel and act the ways they do, problem solve difficulties or challenges and establish boundaries. She’s saved me from so many “Google rabbit holes” listening to what we’re going through or preparing for and helping us understand where the behaviour may have come from and to set up next steps to work together as a family.

Parent of three under 6

FAQ & Important Information:

What Parents Are Saying About Their Experience

My partner and I have been working with Tara for a few months now. In this short period of time, we have been able to bring so much ease and peace to our most challenging parenting dilemmas. The process of going from chaotic situations to peaceful transitions without parent guilt has been the biggest take away for us.

The kindness and ease that Tara has brought in to our dynamic is priceless. Her program should be funded and provided to everyone who wants to be a parent. In the world we live in, the language she is introducing, doesn’t exist. We haven’t been taught it as kids nor as adults.

We have found a new way of being through a language of kindness as parents without having to compromise our beliefs and boundaries. This doesn’t mean we don’t come across challenging time, however, My partner and I have learned how to support our SUN through these challenges with a new founded way of being, with peace, love and ease for him and US. PRICELESS!!!!

I want this experience too!!!