One-on-One Support 

Toddler to Early Teen

with Tara Gratto M.S.Ed. MA, OCT

There is no cookie cutter approach to raising children, and the information can be overwhelming.

Relying on 20+ years of experience working with kids and families, I believe in supporting you with tools and skills that work for you, your child and your unique family needs.

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Areas of Support

  • Navigating: tantrums, defiance, talking back, hitting/biting, ignoring, yelling, power struggles...
  • Understanding child development & what's age appropriate
    • Is this normal?
  • Daycare/school challenges
  • School readiness (KG/Gr 1)
  • Neurodiverse questions and skill building
    • Does my child have special needs? 
    • Does my child need to be tested?
  • Fear of risk/perfectionism
    • won't do it unless they can do it well the first time
  • Big Feelers 
    • Everything is fine at school, but not at home!!
    • They are so empathetic and caring but!
  • Introverts & Social/Separation anxiety
  • Body space awareness & consent
    • poking people, can't keep hands to self, hard time waiting turns
  • Bedtime time challenges and transitions
  • Healthy tech/screen limits and boundaries
  • Sibling dynamics & Peer relationships 
  • Using Kindness for Discipline

Every child and family is unique.

Parenting today is hard! It is impossible to list all the different ways I can support you with your concerns. I look forward to discussing this with you.

FAQ & Important Information: