Speaking Events and Team Brain Book Talks

Mental Health has become a buzzword, but what can you do to tackle it in easy, practical and effective ways?

For over two decades I've had a passion for supporting parents, educators and caring adults with building everyday tools for empathy, kindness and social emotional well-being. Join me in learning how you can bring some effective tools to your homes, classrooms and beyond.

Tara Gratto M.S.Ed., MA, OCT

Parent & Educator Events:

Keynote Speaker, Parent Council Talks, School and Daycare Parent Events, Educator PD

Looking for a speaker to address your audience on topics around:

  • social emotional intelligence
  • child development and behaviour
  • stress and stress management
  • everyday mental well-being

Price varies by event size, location, needs.

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Children’s Book Talks

Classrooms, Special Interest Groups 

Let’s dive into all those big feelings and teach children about emotional regulation in a relatable, fun and engaging way using The Adventures of Team Brain.


  • interactive reading
  • age appropriate activities
  • pre-post visit prompts
  • Team Brain Poster

This is best suited for individual classrooms or children’s groups K-6.

*no assemblies*

For more information contact [email protected] or:

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Book Talk & Workshop Testimonials

"I always learn so much from you. You have this way of tackling really hard topics without judgement or shame."

"I love that you show me there's nothing wrong with me or my intuition. I'm not a failure as a mother. I just never learned this stuff and it's not as simple as just knowing it."

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