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Etobicoke Gym & Juice

775A - The Queensway, Toronto, Ontario

 Parenting is HARD!

The parenting space is judgemental, isolating and the information can be overwhelming. Let's change that by building a community of support grounded in expertise, experience and shame-free guidance.

This successful program will support you with:

  • tackling tantrums and big feelings with confidence
  • building effective boundaries that support you while fostering resilient and confident kids
  • losing your cool less 
  • answering your 'whatif' and 'is this normal questions'
  • connecting with other parents in the thick of it!

4 Weekly - 60 Minute Sessions & 1 one-on-one*

* to be scheduled after week 4*

Tuesday's April 23 - May 14

12:15 - 1:15 @ Gym & Juice

Cost: $225

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This is for parents who are struggling with big reactions, has a big feelings kid, feels like life is a runaway snowball.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • what's behind big feelings and behaviour
  • what SEL is and how it can make your parenting easier
  • the BIG 4 system for problem solving behaviour and building skills

 Wednesday May 1, 2024

7-8:30 p.m.

Cost $45

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This is for parents who have a runaway bedtime routine, kids who fight sleep.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • build an effective routine
  • manage the one-mores: one more drink, one more book, one more....
  • address sleep needs
  • reclaim your evenings!

*is recommended that you take the Parent Clues for Problem Solving Workshop prior to this one!

 Wednesday May 15, 2024

7-8:30 p.m.

Cost $45

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The tween years is no joke and striking a balance between support, structure and independence is complicated.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • the BIG 4 system for supporting emotional regulation needs
  • how to use collaborative problem solving to support building effective boundaries
  • navigating screen time limits and what the research is suggesting

 Wednesday May 8, 2024

7-8:30 p.m.

Cost $45

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Workshop on Mean, Unkind & Bullying Behaviour

for Parents of kids aged 7/8+

Are kids meaner these days? Has the internet made bullying worse? Is this what friends are like?

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • understand the difference between mean, unkindness & bullying
  • how to teach children to self-advocate
  • support kids with navigating friendship in the-between years
  • when adults need to intervene

 Wednesday May 22, 2024

7-8:30 p.m.

Cost $45

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 She’s saved me from so many “Google rabbit holes” listening to what we’re going through or preparing for and helping us understand where the behaviour may have come from and to set up next steps to work together as a family.

Parent of infant, 3 & 5 year old

"You built my awareness and understanding in such a clear way. I loved how you shared practical tips, clear strategies and the understanding behind it."

Parent of 2 & 5 year old

Small Group Parenting Program


  In this program you will learn how to effectively address behaviour, build boundaries and create systems that support you and child's unique needs.

Each week builds on the last to ensure you will not only learn valuable tools and skills for your parenting, but also how to make the most of everyday moments, effective ways for connection and the power of picture books.

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1:1 support options

What Parents Say About Their Experience Working with Me

"Tara knows how kids think and how their brains work. She has served as an invaluable translator for me, helping me truly and deeply understand what is developmentally appropriate for my kids, what is motivating their behaviours, and what is the best way to help them be their best selves."

Being exposed to the Language of Kindness in context of the true meaning of children's resilience is an eye opener for us. As I grapple with giving space for my kids in developing emotional intelligence while also standing firm with boundaries, this program provides tactical strategies with theories that help me unpack the why's behind my children's behaviour.

An Educator & Social-Emotional Expert with over 20 years of Experience Working With Children and Families 

Tara Gratto M.S.Ed. MA, OCT

Parent Consultant and Educator

Hello! I'm Tara (Tar+UH),

Supporting parents, caring adults and children with everyday tools and skills for mental well-being has been my passion for over two decades.

A little bit about me:

My goal is to support you with practical strategies and frameworks that will manage the overwhelm while fostering essential life skills with your children. 

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